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Heart of Darkness Essay

  • Submitted by: Valdez2
  • on April 2, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Heart of Darkness" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The Docks
In this short passage they dont use the women figure and seem to suprees her to only a couple of phrases. Here they speak of how in the past men would explore places such as the one their in. Women would never be apart of the explorers crew and would not have the education they do in this time period to be able to stand in a some what equal level. Often in this passage they glroify the man figure as to that of a superer to anyone else's. It seem that the main civilized people where often men uncompaered to a women.

The Outer Station
This passgae dispalys how the womens mood changed to know that the white man who dressed very eligent was the owner. This shows how they interpred the women as being a interest person with a very unpleasent taste of how the man dressed. The owner had a said to the lady that he felt accomplished by teaching a women about his business and said in a mannor as if he had accomplished something nobody eles could of done.

The Central Station
Joseph the author writes symoblism down in this passgae to create a false image of masculinity and power to display the infrior of that of a women in the 19th centry. And by the characters being fiction the author controls what each character is doing and covering the true face of the masculine and making them in sort of a hero leaving the women as a weak figure. The women seem to be in silence most of this passage as oppose to the men.

The Inner Station
The inner station sets the bar to my perspective. This shows the greed of men and how they will do anything for it. They show us how Mr. Kurtz was in glory of the ivory and he considered the "niggers" to be of lower intelect then he was. As soon as he had it on the boat he went crazy he started saying how everything was his and that the women had no voice in this or rather had nothing to do with this.

The Sepulchral City
In some way this part of the book seemed that the author wanted to show us that some women would be lost...

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