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Health Safety and Nutrition Essay

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  • on August 20, 2015
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There are different stages of growth that requires different foods to be healthy. For an infant from birth to six months the infant should be breastfed or fed formula in a bottle. If the infant is only breastfed then they also need some extra vitamin D. An infant that is bottle fed formula does not need extra vitamin D because the formula has vitamin D in it. Baby food in jars can easily spoil and cause illness. When feeding an infant, put the baby food from the jar in a separate bowl or cup. Using a clean spoon, place the amount of food you think the baby will eat into a cup or bowl. Do not directly feed from the jar. If the infant wants more food, always first serve from the jar to the bowl with a clean spoon. Germs from the mouth, if introduced into a jar of food, can cause spoilage. If the infant does not eat the entire serving from the bowl, it should be thrown away, never placed back in the jar.
For an older infant from six to twelve months it is time to start adding in solid foods, even if breastfed. Start with foods that contain iron and offer them a few times each day. Iron supports your baby’s growth and development. Iron-rich foods include meats such as beef, lamb, game, poultry, and fish. Meat alternatives include eggs and legumes such as beans. Iron-fortified infant cereal is also a common first food. Make sure you offer your baby a range of nutritious foods from your family meals. Let them discover different textures and experiment with feeding themselves. Give your baby foods they can eat using their hands. Offer pieces of soft-cooked vegetables, soft fruit such as banana, grated cheese, bread crusts and toast.
By 12 months, your child needs a variety of foods from the food groups. You should start by establishing a schedule of regular meals and snacks for your child. If you are no longer breastfeeding, offer 500 milliliters (mL) of homogenized milk (3.25% M.F.) each day. Your child may like to drink a lot of milk. You should limit them to 750 mL...

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