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Harry Potter And The Prisioner Of Azkaban Essay

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  • on March 24, 2012
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1-12-11 PatrĂ­cia Maldonado

ROWLING, Joanne Kahtleen (8th June 1999), Harry Potter and the Prisioner of the Azkaban, Bloomsbury
This is the third school year of Harry Potter, who discover throughout the story that Sirius Black is not an assassin -as the Minister says- and he didn't kill his parents, and also he's his godfather, eveything with the help of his friends, Ron Weasly and Hermione Granger, and the new Defense Againts the Dark Arts professor, RJ. Lupin, who's actually a werewolf.
Hermione Granger: she's the clever of the group. She always knows all the answers of all subjects. She's a muggle-born (her parents are not wizards), medium-height, with curly blond hair. She often uses her quick wit and encyclopaedic knowledge to help Harry and Ron in the worst situations. Despite of all, she's not perfect, because try to be perfect is one of her imperfections. She also has insecurity and fear of failure, but in counterweight is a great girl who helps those who need it and is always ready to fight for a just cause.
Sirius Back: he is "the evil one" apparently, but he's the good one in fact. The Minister of Magic sentenced him to life imprisonment in Azkaban, the wizarding prision. He was there for 13 years until he manages to scape -he's the first to get it- by transforming into his Animagus dog form. Everyone thinks that he killed Harry's parents and now is going to kill him too, but really he wants to kill who told to Voldemort where was the Potter family: Peter Pettigrew. He's a tall man, with a medium-length black hair and dirty because of his condition of prisioner.   He's always ready to fight, overcoat if it refers to save Harry.
It could be considerate a novel of fantasy literature, including elements such as mystery, adventure, thriller and romance.
The main theme is the death in fact, because all starts with the death of Harry's parents. Overcoat from the fourth book on, as JK Rowling said "there's...

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