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Harlem Children Society Essay

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Carmen   Gonzalez
Harlem Children Society
24 july 2013

On the 22nd of july 2013, Harlem Children Society held its causaul lecture in New york university. The lectures described how research could vary in many areas or fields besides the scientific area; for example: Dr. Jama Adams placed great significant on China and its dificenties, like lacking creativity . The students were able to see a pervious student’s research project, along with one of Basiru’s many projects aswell. Apart from hearing and observing research projects, the students of HCS also reciveed college prep from two college professors ,who both spoke at the induction ceremony.

The lectures began a little later than usual but it worth it because Dr. Jama Adams knew exactly how he would catch over 30 teenagers attention within a matter of a second. “What is the perfect crime?” was the first question that opened eleven more   thanks to Dr. Adams’s extremely cautious wording and emphasis on certain phrases and words. Since none of the students were able to answer his vague question, he answered it himself by describing the “perfect crime” as a crime in which no one knows the crime took place, therefore no one investiages the crime.   Dr. Adam is a professor in John Jay College in New York, who studies and researches in the area of social sciences, especially in that of African and Africana peoples. On the 22nd of July, he spoke and explained mainly about China and human adaptions/development; he demonstrated examples and stories, which related to not only what his topic was on but also foreshadowed what he was trying to imply. Adams also placed emphasis on the fact of one having to discover itself before actually developing yourself. One of his examples were about China already discovering itself but not allowing to develop itself because of the fear of breaking tradition.

The college prep class provided techinally by but Dr. Sat Bhattachyra also jumped in a few times to extend what .. and...

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