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Happy Feet Essay

  • Submitted by: mobaynash
  • on April 17, 2015
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Belonging is a basic human need. It is something we long for or desire out entire lives, it is said to shape our identity. Good morning everyone. I believe one of the basic human needs we all long for is to belong, whether is it to a group, a place, a community or to people. In my opinion we need to feel wanted, accepted and comfortable in all aspects. The sense of belonging can emerge from different experiences or similar perspectives throughout society.
I am here today to express the lessons I have learnt about the concept of belonging. The simplest way to understand this concept is to put it into context. Today we are at school therefore belonging comes into place during our breaks.
Who do you sit with during recess and lunch?
Do you sit with your friends, colleagues,? do you sit with someone you don’t like? Why?
Is this because your friends for?
The people we sit with during this time are the people we choose, the ones we feel comfortable with for one reason or another.

Happy Feet is a film written by John Collee and Warren Coleman. The film is about a penguin named Mumble who is different to the other penguins. He is not accepted in his society, as he is without a heart- song. A song that makes the penguins find love with each other. However Mumble expresses his talent in a different way. He tap dances. All the penguins disapprove of this and want him to leave as they feel as though Mumble doesn’t belong. He is alienated by his family and community. Mumble himself believed he didn’t belong either, “was there any place where one small penguin without a heart-song could ever truly belong?” Mumble sets out on a journey to find unanswered questions not only about himself, but also as to why the penguin’s food source was decreasing day by day. His journey proved to Mumble that he could save his society and their food source. Through his journey Mumble also makes close friendships which leads to a sense of belonging.

Happy Feet represents two very...

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