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Happiness Essay

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  • on April 16, 2015
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Rebecca Mejia
Ms. Schell
ENC1101 6th Period
30 October 2014
My Kind of Happiness
How can I describe happiness? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of happiness is a mental state of well being characterized by positive emotions ranging from content to intense joy. Happiness originated from the Middle English noun “Hap”, meaning luck. To me, happiness is that sensational feeling I get in my stomach when the roller coaster is about to drop from its highest point on the hill. The thought of roller coasters in general can bring me happiness. Laughing, I love laughter. I believe laughing is one of the happiest feelings I have ever experienced. Lastly, happiness means having my dad come home after being offshore for a few months. My dad’s job requires him to be away a lot so when he gets home it brings a comfortable happiness to me because he has made it home safely. So this is how I define happiness, it is the adrenaline I get from riding a roller coaster, it’s the laughter that fills my whole body with warmth, and it’s knowing that my father has made it home from being away for so long.
As soon as I step in line to ride any big roller coaster I can already feel my heart beat faster than a cheetah chasing its prey. However, the hair-raising experience of slowly making my way to the top of the hill of the actual roller coaster is exciting. This is because I don’t know when to expect the fall to earth’s floor and the curiosity I feel makes everything in my body tingle. It’s when I finally get to the highest point of the ride though, that I get taken over with a sense of happiness. The ride always comes to a dramatic stop, by this time I can feel my heart in my throat waiting for that rushing feeling from the tip of my fingers to the tip of my toes to come over me. When the ride finally drops I feel those tingles and I can’t help but scream my heart out and just feel so happy. That is what happiness is all about, the thrilling anticipation...

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