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Hank Essay

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Hank Kolb, Director, Quality Assurance
Hank Kolb was whistling as he walked towards his office, still feeling a bit like a stranger
since he had been hired four weeks ago Director, Quality Assurance. All last week he had
been away from the plant at an interesting seminar entitled “Quality in the 80‟s” given for
quality managers of manufacturing plants by the corporate training department. He was
not looking forward to really digging into the quality problems at this industrial products
plant employing 1200 people.
Hank poked his head into Mark Hamler‟s office, his immediate subordinate, the Quality
Control Manager, and asked him how things had gone last week. Mark‟s muted smile and
an “Oh, fine,” stopped Hank in his tracks. He did not know Mark very well and was
unsure about pursuing this reply any further. Hank was still uncertain about how to start
building his relationship with him since Mark had been passed over for the promotion to
Hank‟s job – Mark‟s evaluation form had stated “superb technical knowledge;
managerial skills lacking.‟ Hank decided to inquire a little further and asked Mark what
had happened. Mark replied:
          Oh, just another typical quality snafu. We had a little problem on the Greasex line
          last week (a specialized degreasing solvent packed spray can for the high
          technology sector). A little high pressure was found in some cans on the 2nd shift
          but a supervisor vented them so that we could ship them out. We met our delivery
Since Hank was still relatively with the plant and the products he asked Mark to
elaborate. Painfully Mark continued;
          We‟ve been having some trouble with the new filling equipment and some of the
          cans were pressurized beyond our AQL on a psi rating scale. The production rate
          is still 50% of standard, about 14 cases per shift, and we caught it halfway into the
          shift. Mac Evans (the inspector for that line)...

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