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Hamlet Essay

  • Submitted by: hjalamdeh
  • on April 14, 2015
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I believe Hamlet the movie, directed by Gregory Doran, is a great depiction from the original work of Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. It portrays the story line of the prince of Denmark seeking revenge for his father’s death and his mother marrying the murderer but it is produce in a modern time set with a dark yet comical spin to it. I believe the director and producer thought this would keep the audience’s attention with a humorous pinch here with this and they have succeeded. On theme it certainly brushes upon that we covered within our class is the slapstick humor it implements throughout the movie. In our History of Theatre arts class, our text book mentions that to ensure and keep the audience’s attention, stage productions use lights, sounds, and the stage design but also within the play its self the actors hold the audience with their emotion and curiosity .This version is also delivered though the original scripts texts, not through modern English and I believe this gives more emphases to the movie because of quotes throughout the production such as “To be or not to be…that is the question?” and “Murder most foul”. This version also delivers through a humors approach throughout the movie by several examples such as when Hamlet develops quirky movement after his “mental breakdown” or when he decides he wants to lay down on the older sister when watching the “Players” display their production or throughout the movie when Hamlet keeps losing his shoes and walks around barefoot while wearing a full tuxedo. Another factor in the movie that the director seems to have added is the fact that many of the actors playing a certain character will show up in another shot and play the role of a totally different character. We see this in the movie when the actor playing Polonius’s accountant is also one of the “Players” that are summoned to entertain Hamlet. I think it was brilliant how the director made that subtle unusual factor but it adds to the movie and gives it a...

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