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Hamlet Essay

  • Submitted by: Masterchief1
  • on April 2, 2014
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My first thoughts on hamlet was that it was rather sad. Hamlet, who was the rightful heir of Denmark, had his spot taken on the throne after his father was murdered. His uncle, Claudius, took Hamlets father spot as king and married his mother, Gertrude. Hamlets girlfriend, Aphelia, was tempted by her brother and father to not see Hamlet anymore. Hamlet just didn’t have good luck with the people leaving his life.
A person in the play who played a role was Claudius. He was the King of Denmark and Hamlets uncle. Claudius was also the killer of Hamlets father and was very cruel to Hamlet, especially after Hamlet was trying to figure out if Claudius actually killed his father. Claudius was married to Hamlets mother this was another reason that Hamlet resented his uncle. Claudius had a goal to get rid of Hamlet after he started to become crazy. He eventually archives the goal after Hamlet dies form poisoning from a stab wound.
The set would have to be rather darker, ominous sort of feel. I would make the set of Hamlet as a darker shade of grey colored castle with old, wretched trees in the background. It needs to have a sad, distraught feel that gives the audience a sense of knowing something bad could possibly happen. As the play goes on it becomes even darker as Hamlet goes through with his plan. Eventually during the death scene of Hamlet the setting would be slightly lighter in the feel as the death would resolve the darkness of the setting.
A major theme during this play was the uncertainty of death. Most of the play revolved around Hamlets thoughts about how his father died and why Ophelia didn’t want him anymore. Since it was a sin to commit suicide Hamlet debated whether or not to end his miserable uncertainty or to continue living as a member of society. Thus so he debated it in his soliloquy that started with “to be or not to be;” that if he should consider it or not. This was a major theme as it represented how many people think in these days of hard...

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