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Hacking Essay

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Cyber terrorism is the act of terrorists disrupting people through the internet; this includes acts of large-scale attacks on computer networks, especially people who are very attached to their computers. Terrorists would achieve this act by spreading viruses to computers, hacking into people’s bank accounts, stealing information, and etc. Since we are in the age of technology, practically everyone has an electronic device that gives them access to the internet. This gives hackers a wide range of people to terrorize which can bring about more issues in society.
Cyber terrorism can be defined as the use of computers, networks, and public internets to cause a disturbance and damage for personal goals. People could be hacking for political, financial, recognition, and personal gains. Currently the government and media are concerned that cyber terrorists can cause significant harm which rushed many governmental agencies to seek solutions to rid of all hackers.
There is a debate over the definition of “cyber terrorism” because it can be related to many other terms. There is also a variation in their purposes, targets, and methods of hacking. Cyber terrorism can overlap with other terms such as cybercrime, cyber war, and ordinary terrorism. Professor Eugene Kaspersky thinks that “cyber terrorism” is a more accurate term than “cyber war.” During the interview with Professor Kaspersky, he stated that, “with today's attacks, you are clueless about who did it or when they will strike again. It's not cyber-war, but cyber terrorism." His company discovered that weapons for cyber terrorism exist, such as the Flame Virus and Net Traveler, and that they can be just as destructive as biological weapons. Some people say that cyber terrorism can be treated equally to normal terrorism because it includes threats and attacks of property or lives, but through the internet to cause physical, international harm or damage of infrastructure.
There are also those who disagree with...

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