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H & S Lvl 3 Essay

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  • on August 20, 2015
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The reasons why individuals may need support to maintain, develop or regain skills for everyday life:
Physical health
Feeling unwell such as with a fever leads to tiredness and inability to carry on with the usual activities of daily living.

Learning disabilities
An individual with learning disabilities might take longer to learn new everyday skills than other people.

Mental health
An individual with mental health problems might neglect themselves so they do not eat and drink.

Frailty Older
Frail people may not be strong enough to dress themselves or prepare their own meals.

Physical disability
Some physical disabilities prevent individuals going shopping unsupported.

Social isolation
An individual who is lonely is less likely to communicate with others

Maintaining, regaining or developing skills can benefit individuals is many ways. It can give them self worth, and self esteem, give them more opportunity's and help regain their independence.
2.3Individual (or others) not cooperating or doing what they agree, funding difficulties, an individual whose abilities and needs fluctuate etc. Also there's conflict between user choice and duty of care that can be resolved with a risk assessment.
Positive feedback can be given any time, either in public or private. Positive feedback is where we praise a desired attitude, behaviour or performance. The effect of positive feedback is that the person is encouraged to repeat this behaviour and is also motivated to improve. It also builds self confidence and self esteem in the individual.
If an individual becomes distressed or unable to continue with a task or activity its best to stop the activity/task   and speak to the individual to see where or how the activity could be changed or extra help provided so that they can continue.
Learning outcome 1: Understand How Legislation, Policies and Practice Affect the Support Provided to Individuals to Manage their Behaviour.
How legislation affects policy and...

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