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Group Therapy and the 12 Steps Essay

  • Submitted by: tporche7
  • on April 16, 2015
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Group therapy is a common psychotherapy approach usually integrated into an individual’s treatment plan. This type of treatment is favored in most therapeutic facilities. The group setting provides a number of benefits to those in need of help.
Group therapy is proven to be an effective form of treatment. I say this with confidence because I have had the opportunity to be a member of a number of therapeutic assemblages. On the other hand, I have also participated in a quite a few private counseling sessions. Each have benefits crucial to the client’s recovery.
Sharing in a group amongst people just like yourself brings about a sort of comfort that cannot be found elsewhere. After all, it was during my group participation that I embraced feedback from others and was able to hear thoughts and opinions that I otherwise would not have welcomed. Considering the life most addicts have led, one would most likely feel judged by others when sharing their personal struggles. Thankfully, being in a group of other addicts provides the opportunity for one to be gut level honest with others, but most importantly with oneself; this is where the recovery process initiates.
To answer the second question, yes, I would definitely be willing to place myself in a setting that would allow me to better relate to my clients. Being the client in the very recent past has given me the opportunity to share my experience with others in the present and future. Hopefully, the pain myself and those around me endured when I was active in my addiction will not be in vain and through my attempt to help others my past will become an asset and no longer be a regret.
Another vital concept commonly introduced to those seeking recovery is the twelve step program along with the importance of emerging into a healthy fellowship. I am blessed to be educated on this design for living and fiercely believe that everyone, not just addicts and alcoholics, would benefit from applying these steps to their...

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