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Greece Essay

  • Submitted by: EllaRowland
  • on March 31, 2014
  • Category: English
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Ella Rowland
                          Ms. Bigham

                            Ella Rowland
                          Ms. Bigham

Respect. It is something we are all taught to value from a very young age, in Canada, and in many
other parts of the world. Our society lets us rise and fall on the consequences of our behavior.  
The values of the Ancient Greeks must have been very different from our own, because there are
many examples of disrespect to be found in their myths and legends. Disrespect is to treat
someone, particularly a superior or equal, with contempt or rudeness. While the Greeks did have
respect in some areas, others were evidently forgotten.   Three examples of this are Arachne’s
competition with Athena, Zeus’s insensitive promise to Hades and Aphrodite’s affair with Ares.
To begin, the maiden Arachne was a very talented weaver. She thought that her talent exceeded
that of Athena, the goddess of craft skills. When challenged, Athena wove a beautiful tapestry.
Arachne, on the other hand, wove images depicting the fall of the gods, and failures of the
immortals. Not only did Arachne disrespect Athena by her mistaken sense of superiority, she
disrespected every other god and goddess depicted in her tapestry. She did this by focusing on
all of the failures and wrongdoings of the gods, instead of worshipping and being thankful for all
of the good things they had done for man.   However, he gods are not without questionable  
behavior. One god guilty of disrespect is Zeus. On many occasions, he is disrespectful towards his
fellow immortals, and a good example is Zeus’s promise to Hades of Persephone. Zeus blindly
gives his daughter to his brother, the god of the...

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