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Grand Theft Auto Revolutionized The Game Industry Essay

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  • on March 22, 2012
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Dustin Hanson

Grand Theft Auto: Revolutionized the Video Game Industry

Grand Theft Auto (GTA); a colossal game franchise with millions of fans all around the world. Created in 1997 (“2007 Rockstar Games”), the series uses mature humour, violent themes, and open-world action-adventure, to convey the most controversial and talked about games of all-time. Not only does Rockstar Games push the envelope of what is acceptable in video games, it tears the whole thing wide open and destroys it with a flame-thrower. No other franchise has even come close to what Rockstar Games has accomplished. Grand Theft Auto has revolutionized the gaming industry on multiple levels.

The gameplay features the player as a criminal committing various crimes and completing objectives for kingpins and other city underworld beings. The primary objectives are to earn money, collect weapons, and earn respect. Whether it’s fighting, driving, or piloting, the player is put through a linear storyline where they rise through the ranks of criminal organisations. In some of the games throughout the series the player is able to buy homes and store various vehicles there, change the character’s clothing, and save their game. The series also has multiplayer capabilities (Grand Theft Auto 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV). “The Grand Theft Auto series has not had multiplayer since GTA2 was released in 1999. Grand Theft Auto IV marks the return of multiplayer for the series. There are four categories of play: Team, Cooperative, Competitive and Race.” (“2011 IGN Entertainment, Inc.”)

GTA’s open-world concept is a major part of the game and also a large factor of what defines the game itself. The player is immersed in an urban environment and is required to commit crimes for gang leaders. While on these missions you are given the freedom to finish each one however you desire. No other game has done this to that scale. GTA also offers a multitude of mission variants, whether it be driving, racing,...

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