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Google Analytic Essay

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Below is an essay on "Google Analytic" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Macro vs Micro Conversions
Macro Conversion = Most Important Thing Someone Can Do On your Site
Micro Conversion = Every other type of conversion
Example for an Ecommerce Site:
  * Macro Conversion = Sale
  * Micro Conversion = Newsletter Signup, Coupon Download, Contact Us Form Fill, etc.
Multi-Channel Attribution (including assisted conversions and conversion attribution models)
The Four Main Models you need to know (there are more) but these are the four that are focused on in the exam
  * Last Click = Last channel gets 100% of the credit
  * Last Non Direct Click = last channel that is direct gets credit
  * Liner = Each channel gets equal credit
  * First Interaction = First channel gets credit
So if the channels of a visitor are Adwords => Organic => Social => Direct, here’s how the attribution breaks down for each model:
  * Last Click: 100% Direct
  * Last Non-Direct: 100% Social
  * First Interaction: 100% Adwords
  * Linear: 25% each channel
Obvious Tip: You can’t measure this if goal tracking or e-commerce tracking aren’t setup.
Reminder: The default is last non-direct click attribution
Assisted Conversions Report & Value
In the assisted conversions report, they give a numeric value for assisted / last click or direct conversions. What those numbers mean:
  * Less than 1: that channel completed more sales than it assisted
  * 1: That channel equally assisted and closed sales
  * Greater than 1: That channel assisted more than it closed sales

Tracking Subdomains
When tracking subdomains, create a view (profile) for cross domain tracking and use the same tracking code on both properties.
You don’t need to:
  * Create a new account
  * Get new tracking code
Tracking Subdirectories Using Filters
Basically, you need this screen (which is under filters in the Admin tab)

Identifying Source vs. Medium
Don’t get these mixed up, otherwise you may struggle with a few questions.
Source examples: Google...

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