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Good Option For Your Identity Essay

  • Submitted by: alrezai
  • on March 22, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Good option for Your Identity

Some say don’t be over focusing with your race otherwise you’ll become ethnocentric.

I say, if being ethnocentric would become a means for Tausug race not to be forever entombed, why shouldn’t I?

I remember when I was in college, I was totally blind of my Identity – I’m sure not only me then. Honestly, I felt uneasy to be called Filipino and had little proud to be called Moro.   However, my inner sight felt satisfied when ethnics Sulu found their long buried identity – the Tausug.

I’m sure many Filipino out there particularly those living in Sulu and Mindanao experience the same identity crisis. Luckily, these days the Sultanate of Sulu had been resurrected to make vague things clear. If only not, everyone who are clamouring for real identity would be left in sidewalk searching for the answer to their doubts.

Now we have two options to tick. Should you wish to apply your real identity mark your paper with TAUSUG citizenship if you are from Sulu Archipelago. But if you are happy of being a citizen of an Imagine nation and proud to be called Filipino, then stay where you are, because to decide for our nationality is a basic human right as stipulated in the UN charter.

However, if you are a Filipino don’t ever dream to leave in Sulu Darul Islam territory once the De facto government of the Sultanate is fully operating even your belief would say that you are a Tausug – unless you are a Filipino diplomats.

By now the Sulu people who are still acting deaf and dumb to this reality should reconsider their decision to choose their identity. We knew the survival of Filipino identity in Sulu nowadays it’s only because of money. Even a governor in ARMM said if SSDI have enough money to sustain its government he is more than willing to join and support the Sultanate government.

The Philippine government knew this reality. But they are still working very hard not to let Sulu pull up stakes from the Philippines. What is the...

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