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Good Essay

  • Submitted by: nedunchudar
  • on August 18, 2015
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Qualities of a good friend
Good friend are difficult to find. If you have friends who stand by you through thick and thin you must cherish them because not many people will stick with you in good and bad times. There is large number of people whom we may befriend but they may not be people who are sincere, understanding and helpful or with whom we can share special jokes.
There are a few important qualities that I look for in a friend. The one I consider most important is sincerity. A friend, in my belief, should not say things he does not mean, neither should he do things with an ulterior motive in mind. A hypocritical friend is not a true friend, and you can be sure that he or she will not be there for you when you need help. A good friend is one who is faithful and who will not disappear at the first signs of trouble. A true friend is one who is sincere and faithful.
When you have no one else to turn to, you should be able to turn to a friend. He or she should be a shoulder to cry on and should be able to offer good advice when you need it. A good friend should also be understanding and help you in any way he or she can, offering constructive criticism and assisting you in developing a balanced personality. It is not too much to expect a few words of comfort or little assistance from a good friend.
Another quality which I look for in a good friend is a sense of humour. Sometimes, when you feel down, you need someone to cheer you up. A friend who can see the funny side of things, who is not dull and who can make me smile in even the most difficult situations is a valuable friend. Life would be unbearable without a friend you can share special jokes with.
Since it is not easy to find someone who possesses all these qualities, you will understand why I only have a few friends. However. I value those few that I have because they are sincere and faithful, helpful and make me happy.

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