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Goal Essay

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My goal is to attain a career where I will not only use my knowledge of computer networking, but where I will also use my constant drive for new and better technology to be used for a variety of purposes and my passion to lessen environmental stress on our planet. Our society works through an invisible system that people work, play, and live on. This society nowadays heavily relies on computer information systems that determine the fate of many. Most fail to realize that this system requires a well secured and reliable skeleton. With a degree from a Computer Information Systems program, I plan to be a part of our society by being the one to offer the best of management, security, and reliability that I can offer.

I plan to begin my career with resolving and creating ideas to fix the community's and local business's network problems. Naturally I would not only need a strong understanding of the subject but also credit to back my word up. With an A.A.S Degree in Network Administration I would be qualified and trusted to tend to other's networks. I am very capable and willing to undertake professional studies at the blink of an opportunity. This scholarship would greatly help open a paved road to further my education beyond high school and help me start my career. Being offered the chance to pay for my schooling would make me the first of my siblings to attend college, even though my two eldest brothers tried their hardest in school, we just never had the best of luck.

As a student of my current situation I try to make the best of all the opportunities I am graced with. I live with my friend's family after being kicked out of my aunt's boyfriend's house. I ended up living with my aunt after my mother passed away when I was thirteen and I was flown out from California to Texas. One thing led to another and my aunt began depending on her boyfriend who moved us out to Waco. In short, everything happens for a reason, barely two months after my eighteenth birthday I...

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