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Gneder Inequality Essay

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Below is an essay on "Gneder Inequality" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Gender Inequality
Nobody can deny that there are people who marry each other and chose to live together. Man is a social being and requires a society and family for various reasons like mental and emotional support, for inspiration or as part of learning process. Therefore, the purpose of my essay is to draw the attention towards the gender inequality practiced in general families. In this paper, I will talk about my friend’s parent’s gender division of labor in the home from India. India is a country, full of traditions and cultures, so the relationships are basically based on traditions. Mostly couples follow traditional relationship at home. Although his parents are dedicated to each other and have a satisfied and happy life overall, they had a transitional relationship that was not fair for his mother as it is such a huge amount of work for her to do. I also talk about the Indian tradition which has lots of effects on the relationship of a person in the society. Sometimes his mother gets stressed and overwhelmed and therefore suffers physical problems. She wants to reduce the burden of work, but does not have any choice because the living situation is one in which the family has become reliant and used to. If I were him, I conclude by arguing that I would like to have egalitarian relationship in which I and my partner will share equally.
My friend’s parents have lived their entire life in India as a middle class family. His father is working for an IT company and his mother is a school teacher. According to Indian families, Mother is the one who takes care of house and Father is the main earner and breadwinner which provide income to the family. Even though the man takes care of the primary economic expenses in the household, the woman has more burdens, such as: cooking, cleaning, washing dishes and also caring for children. It is these household responsibilities of Indian women that build the idea of a caring and sacrificing social identity. The women have...

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