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Global Life Changes Essay

  • Submitted by: kbakraus
  • on April 17, 2015
  • Category: Psychology
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Global Changes that have had the biggest effect on my life is the war in the middle east, I have two daughters in the military, In the past eight years I have watched both be deployed to active war zones, They have both to either Iraq or Afghanistan I have spent days and weeks not knowing where one or both were located. I also am blessed that they are still both still safe and whole. My phone is always on, the worry is never leaves, because that could change in a minute.   Then one that went from a war zone to South Korea, and one that now is overseas in a non-combat zone. I the global effects of the war are great, the personal effects to me are the safety of my family both physically and mentally. If they will be sent back into a danger is the presence of ISIS and having North Korea once again declaring war against the United States.

The other largest global change in my life was the housing crisis.   I was selling PEO insurance packages that is a group of business insurances,   my main customer base was the small to medium construction company.   As the housing crisis hit. It first was the small to medium size construction companies.   Many of them tried to hold on as long as they could but the first thing that they dropped to save money was they payroll and insurance policies.   It was not that this caused my unemployment, however I worked on straight commission, so this caused a 90% drop in income.   So I did not qualify for unemployment but I was fundamentally unemployed.   So I took this opportunity to look at my options.   I no longer wanted to stay in sales.   I wanted to be in the nursing field for years, unsure if I could handle certain aspects of it. So I went to a CNA school and passed the state test.   I went to work for my first job at an assisted living with a hospice unit. Realized that I wanted to work in a hospital and not in long term care and started me on the path to get into school to get my RN.

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