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George Washington: Accomplishments Essay

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  • on March 31, 2014
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The attended meetings, war service, and documents were the stupendous accomplishments of George Washington. During the Revolutionary War, Washington was the commander and led them to victory in 1176. For the running of the first president of the United States, it was a unanimous voting for Washington, himself.
Before all the chaos, George attended and was involved in so many grand and essential events. A part of the 1st and 2nd Continental Congress, he was popular. For both congresses, he was his hometowns, Virginia, representative both times. It happened in the years of 1775 and 1774. While they were in that meeting, they wrote many petitions and letters to King George III. After finding out the king said no they sent more petitions.   Joined in every event, Washington attended the Constitutional Convention. There, they drafted the United States Constitution. At the event, George served as the presiding officer, when in 1787, he got elected for it.
Part of Washington’s history was the French and Indian War, his service before and during the Revolution.   Leading the Continental Army, Washington entered Lexington and Concord.   That battle was the 1st   battle of the Revolutionary War.   Another example would be Trenton.   There, he and his soldiers crossed the Delaware River. On the night of December 25th, George led his group to the Hessians surrendering.
One of his many traits was leadership. He was a natural born leader. In the Monongahela expedition, in 1755, he was recognized as a great hero for his organization of retreating. George Washington was the commander in chief of the Continental Army. He led to a stunning victory against the mother country, Britain. People noticed Washington’s great leadership, courage, and well skills during his war service in the Revolutionary War.
Many documents in history have the signature of George Washington. A document that he helped write and sign would be the Constitution.   The Constitution was very important to all the...

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