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Geometric Shapes Affecting Everyday Life Essay

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Below is an essay on "Geometric Shapes Affecting Everyday Life" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

1.05 Lesson activity   Geometry Debate: Choose Argument A  
By: Larry Kramer

I feel that there is a real need for students to understand that when creating geometric shapes, it’s necessary to make sure you have reliable and accurate tools. You know the straight edge and the compass?  
There are always two sides to every story and every argument has two different ideas. When you look at this argument it’s almost a "no brainer" but when you think about each side they both have rational points. When making geometric shapes the first thing you need is your compass and straight edge for accuracy.   I wouldn’t think of it another way, but to some people free handing really captures the shape in full. While constructing shapes you have to realize that every shape needs to be perfect unless it’s irregular than you can have a little leeway on your drawing.   But from my standpoint I would like to have precise angles and construction.   It makes it easier and helps you determine the class of the shape.
Without these tools in your possession you could have an oddly shaped triangle or an irregular shape. When you are using these tools like the straightedge it also helps you measure each side precisely to complete the shape into a perfect design with exact measurements.  
An example to see my side of this argument is:   If you’re building yourself a new home, you would want the contractor to double and triple check his measurements, right?   Make sure all the angles are correct and that the house will stand strong on its structure.   You would want the guarantee of complete safety for yourself and your family.   Using a compass and a straightedge gives him those abilities needed to do his job with exact precision.  
According to Laura Chapman, an eHow contributor on: How to Use Geometry in Everyday Life | eHow.com[->0], she helps in putting Geometry in “our” terms for students like me.   It really helped me in understanding how much Geometry is a part of almost every aspect...

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