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Geoffreys Advice Essay

  • Submitted by: eyob14
  • on August 20, 2015
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Eyob Terefe
2nd period
Egg Lab
  I. Introduction- Osmosis is the movement of water through a selectively permeable membrane and is driven by water potential. If there is sucrose on one side of the semi permeable membrane and pure water, water will diffuse across to the side with sucrose. Remember it is the movement of water. The water potential equals the concentration gradient + the pressure gradient. Water will move from a low solute concentration which has a high water potential to an area of high solute concentration where there is low water potential. 
The solute potential is 0 when it's pure water and negative if there is a solute. The pressure gradient is positive in a healthy plant cell when there is turgor pressure. It is negative when the cells lack water (less pressure).  Add dehydrated (like ethanol on cell). A cell is hypotonic when water moves into the cell. Red blood cells in water will burst because of the water pressure inside due to the water flowing inside the cell.
  II. Purpose- In order to determine what happens in osmosis we are going to soak a fresh egg in vinegar for 48 hours, Corn syrup for 24 hours, and then soak the egg in water for another 24 hours. The egg itself will be considered the control.   Data will be written from the observations.
  III. Hypothesis- If the egg is in the corn syrup then it would shrink due to osmosis because Corn syrup is made of sugars which are a solute and hydrophilic. I think the opposite will occur with the vinegar because vinegar is hydrophobic; water will enter the egg causing the egg to swell.
  IV. Materials- Raw egg, 1 beaker, 150mL of vinegar, 150mL of corn syrup, Distilled water. Paper towels, parafilm, electronic balance.
  V. Procedures- 1.Record the mass of the raw egg (with shell) and its appearance in your data table
2. Add 150mL of vinegar to a clean beaker and carefully place the egg into the beaker/jar. Cover the beaker tightly. Wait 48 hours.
3. Carefully remove the egg...

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