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Genetically Engineered Food Essay

  • Submitted by: mttang
  • on March 31, 2014
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For the last decade, scientists have begun to open a new technological research on genetically engineered foods. This research has caused a wide effect and controversy between the scientists and the public. An online editorial “Golden Rice: Lifesaver?” on New York Times, written by Amy Harmon argues that many people are afraid of accepting genetically engineered foods because of false fear. On the other hand, Beth Hoffman’s online editorial “Just Because Science Can Genetically Engineer Foods, Doesn’t Mean We Should” on Forbes, states that there is an unseen consequence to have genetically engineered foods because science has a credibility problem, misleading people to make wrong decision. Both articles have discussed either the benefits or danger of genetically engineered foods, but Amy Harmon writes a more effective argument than Beth Hoffman does.
The biggest difference of rhetorical strategy between these two articles is tone. Amy Harmon presents her viewpoint more objectively by providing both cons and pros of genetically modified foods. She reports a protest against Golden Rice in Philippine and quotes, “we do not want our people, especially our children, to be used in these experiments” from a farmer who is a leader of the protest. In contrast, she claims that Golden Rice is not as same as those genetically engineered crops designed to resist herbicides or insect attacks and has appeared on the Time Magazine in 2000 before it was quite mature to produce. The article of Beth Hoffman uses a more casual means to make reader easier understand her claims. She asks many questions to persuade people to think whether it is worthy to produce genetically modified foods. For example, she asks, “Why are scientists intent on solving problems in the most costly and complex way imaginable?” and “Why are we pouring money into lab salaries, field trails and professional conferences instead of ensuring that people around the world have nutritious and tasty food to eat every...

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