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Genesis Flood Versus Gilgamesh Flood Essay

  • Submitted by: Kristinakayy
  • on April 3, 2014
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Kristina Lockwood

Through the flood stories in Gilgamesh and Genesis, it can be inferred that there are many differences and similarities between Sumerian and Hebrew culture. Being a time before long distance communication, and also separated by many years, these stories prove that people from all different cultures have a common human condition. The purpose of the flood, the peoples relationship with their god/god’s, and the different time periods of the stories are all examples that tie together to show that the two cultures may have many differences but the underlying theme of the bigger picture remains the same.
The purpose of the flood clearly defines the relationship the people have with their god or gods. In Gilgamesh, the event that led to the flood was simply the gods were annoyed of the people due to their noise. This shows how little the gods cared about the people. Also, this is more of a selfish act than an act of kindness. In Genesis, the reason for god replenishing the earth with a flood was because the people were immoral. This exposes that god was more worried about his people than the Sumerian gods. Overall this shows that the events leading to the flood might have been entirely different, but the purpose was the same: to cleanse the world.
The Sumerian people had an entirely different relationship with their gods than the Hebrews had with their god. To start with, the Sumerians were polytheistic and their gods were not believed to be flawless. They also had more of a casual relationship with their gods. On the other hand, Hebrews were monotheistic, meaning they only believed in one god. In contrast to the Sumerians, the god to the Hebrews was almighty and omniscient. This contrast is shown in the flood stories when, during the flood, the sumerian gods showed doubt and fear while the Hebrew god only showed confidence in his decision. Additionally, it is proven that the two cultures have different relationships with their...

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