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Generation Y Essay

  • Submitted by: Melanie3102
  • on March 21, 2012
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Y Can’t You Do it (for me)?
By Melanie Switzer
Generation Y are the ‘entitled’ workers of the future. They want their perfect life dished up and served to them on a platter. This generation enjoys the good life, when everything is done for them.

Generation Y are those people born between 1984 and 1995. Generally, they are loud, annoying and rude. This is along with many other non-charismatic features that they exhibit. This generation is the laziest by far; they think that hard work isn’t meant for them. They are prepared to sit back and let the world cater for their every need. These characteristics that are commonly represented in the media show how lacking this generation is to be self-sufficient.

The article stereotypes their negative traits in contrast to other generations. Their attitudes toward work, jobs and salaries are very unusual and unethical in contrast to the ‘work hard, play hard’ attitude of the generation before them.

Young workers see employment simply as a means for paying bills, according to a new study. (Posed by model)
Young workers see employment simply as a means for paying bills, according to a new study. (Posed by model)
The author has labelled this group as ‘graduate divas’, ‘unrealistic’, ‘self-centred’, ‘fickle’ and ‘greedy’. These comments position the reader to think negative thoughts because Gen Y’s antics sell newspapers. They are addicted and can’t get enough of their self-centred behaviour. They drink up every bit of juicy information, emulate stereotypical behaviour and adopt ideologies and attitudes that make the public shake their heads.

This article employs a moderate level of repetition to convince the reader that Gen Y are all lazy and ‘entitled to it all’. They all ‘expect to have their cake and eat it’. This repetition of ideas paints a negative opinion in the public’s minds; these representations take on “the truth”. When the public doesn’t question the fairness and accurateness of these portrayals, it’s...

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