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General Electric - Nafta Practice Essay

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The differences between North American and latin American relating to their conception of “ethic” and “justice” is so important and this could create an impediment to create a partnership between they.

This common problem ethical and justicial for a multinacional company this can be a big problem and with the traditional thinking of the latin persons like they’re corrupteds is so dificult think the existence of a company with latin and north american employees/managers.

General Electric (as an example of NAFTA procedures), however, has changed this tradicional think and has created a business where exist one single set of values and policies wich are totally obligatory to implement and respect it.

When a worker is contracted by GE (General Electric) has to firm and accept a setof rules and every year affirm that niether themselves and any worker has attempt to this rules.

This rules are of 100 years ago and has created an incalculable value for the company and so respect and reputation in the business world. This reputation, vuilt for many persons, is created for the interaction between all the employees (all the categories), the consumers and the suppliers.

Some of the obligatory standards are:
-Obey the obligations and regulations governing our business worldwide.
-Be hones, fair and trustworthy in all of your GE activities.
-Avoid all conflicts of interests and personal affairs.
-Foster an atmosphere in which equal opportunity extend to everyone.
-Create a safe workplace and protect the environment
-Create a culture where ethical conduct is recognized, valued and exemplified.

Workers doesn’t only comply this norms like a norms but also their spirit. Workers must feel that they are luckiest becouse they’re working in one of the best companies and they have to preserve this values and make that generational.

When an employee make a violation of the policy can, confidientially, inform of this to the managers withou any repercusions...

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