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Gender Paper

  • Submitted by: Nesta1
  • on April 1, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Stacey McMiller
Comm 203A

Men are to always be strong ,not show emotion and women are to always to be submissive. As a child I often saw my father cutting the grass, fix things around the house and my mother being the one who always cooks dinner and cleaning. I remember as a child seeing this around the house and it was instilled in me that men take care of the outside of the home aside from paying rent and my mother would take care of the inside of the house cleaning and making sure the bills were paid. I remember my father giving her the money to pay the bills. When he received his check her other job was to make sure that each company received their payment on time. Growing up both parents worked, but for the most part my father was always the bread winner in the house.

Growing up as a child I remember my mother assigning us chores to do around the house mine were to take out the trash, help my father cut the grass and to assist with minor things he fixed around and in the house this was another way of reinforcing gender roles while developing. As I got older   I remember if I got in trouble and started crying I was told to man up and stop crying like a "wimp" which is another term for soft, feminine like a girl!. One simple example with which most of us have some familiarity is crying in response to frustration by girls and "acting out" behavior in response to frustration by boys. (Hahn, Sophie) What makes me upset is the way society has labeled gender, men are held to such higher standards. Men are not supposed to cry and if we do ,we are considered weak.
Growing up and even now I can't understand why society hold men up to such high standards. I feel as though regardless if your male or female in the society we live in today we should teach our children how to be strong and take on roles that may appear to be feminine and or masculine. Although I am a male and I was raised to be strong and to be the one who is in charge of home. In my...

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