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Gender and Leadership Essay

  • Submitted by: manalan
  • on April 1, 2014
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Transformational leadership is defined as the ability of a leader to influence others values, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviours in order to achieve the mission and goal of the organisation. Transformational leadership consists of four factors like charisma, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individualized consideration.   This study particularly analysed the gender, and looked at the effect of both gender and transformational leadership on ethics. Instead of classifying managers into women and men and analysing their transformational leadership, this study considers the masculine and feminine characteristics. This classification is based on the concept that men and women can have both feminine and masculine traits in varying quantities.

To measure the data on the leadership, gender characteristics and behaviours, this study was taken up in a large banking organisation in India.   Using a sample of 102 managers from large nationalised banks, the results of the study shows that the femininity enhances transformational leadership and masculinity adds additional variance in explaining transformational leadership. It clearly shows that the individuals are classified as the androgynous and they are likely to be more transformational.

          Masculinity, femininity, and transformational leadership are all positively related to ethical behaviour. In addition, femininity moderates the effect of transformational leadership on ethics such that the effect is more when femininity is low.

Change has become an inherent part of the business world today. In this changing era, androgynous leaders who exhibit both feminine and masculine characteristics are likely to be the most suited for handling change. While masculinity may have worked in the times of command and control, and femininity may have worked in the human relations period, today’s complex world requires a combination of...

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