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Gcu Nursing Community Assessment and Analysis

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Community Assessment and Analysis

Amish Community of Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Grand Canyon University

Can you remember the last time your power went out at night and was off for an extended period of time?   Usually we pull out the candles or flashlights and maybe sit around the table and talk, play a game, do a puzzle, or maybe just go to sleep.   There is a community of people that does this exact thing every night, but not because their power has gone out; rather they choose to live their lives without power and many other things the rest of us use on a daily basis.   This community is the Amish people and this is a Community Assessment and Analysis of a specific Amish Community in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.   We will identify some of the assumptions that we have regarding the Amish, and decide if those assumptions are true or unwarranted.   We will describe the social interactions, common interests and goals of this community.   The political and economical trends of this community will help to identify the Amish Community of Lancaster as a place.   We will also use the 11 Functional Health Patterns to assess this community more specifically.   We will first provide some background information and history regarding the Amish Community of Lancaster, Pennsylvania to help describe this community and the people that make it up.


The Amish community is a very unique community that originated from Europe and was established by settlers from The Netherlands and Germany in Pennsylvania during the 16th century. Amish members came to Pennsylvania to escape persecution by Catholics and Protestants due to their religious beliefs of baptism.   The first Amish settlement was founded in 1683 in German Town, a municipal division of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.   In 2008 approximately 70% of the Amish population could be found in the states of Pennsylvania, Indiana and Ohio. This continues to be the geographic center of the Amish today (Neville, et al.,...

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