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Gcse Controlled Assessment Grade B Essay

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Controlled Assessment B

Investigation 2

      During this investigation I will be stating and explaining possible Promotional Strategies Bethan could use when starting her new pet grooming business in Oxford. I will also give explanation as to why Bethan’s promotional strategy may change once her business starts to grow. I have researched many different pet grooming companies in my area and collected information regarding effective promotional strategies these businesses use. It is important for Bethan to be aware of what promotional strategies she will use in order for her business to run smoothly.

      There are many promotional strategies Bethan could use when starting her business, for example, local newspaper and poster advertisement. This can be done at any point during the business, but is most effective at right at the start. This allows potential customers to have the knowledge of Bethan’s new business and makes them interested in finding out more about it. An advantage of newspaper advertisement is that potential customers can go back to the advert as many times as they want to and is easy for them to find. A disadvantage of this is that some advert space can be expensive and also you would be advertising to many people who are not interested in a pet grooming business or it does not apply to them. Poster advertisement can be a good idea because it allows people to become more aware of Bethan’s new business, although posters are only usually seen once and often blow away in the wind very easily, which could the result in a fine for littering. Or the posters could be taken down by people who are unappreciative of them. As well as that, the costs of the advertising, for example photocopying of posters, are extremely high.

An additional promotional strategy Bethan may possibly use is creating a website for her business. This will then attract more customers due to her business being noticed by more potential clients. A website can be...

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