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Gay Marraige Essay

  • Submitted by: JoslynSha
  • on April 2, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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Human Sexuality

Today in the modern world, Gay marriage is quite the hot topic for the public. Homosexuals have come a long way from way back when. They have become more accepted in our culture, and more popular through out time. Many people do not realize how important this is to our history and country. It is only a matter of time before all of this becomes practically normal just like the Civil Rights Act.
Although there are people who do not except gay people and say they are posined or come up with some other reason why they are the way they are, I believe that there are truly gay people out and about in the world. Weather we want to believe this or not, people cannot change what and how they feel. Emotions are one of the hardest things to control, some can be controlled, and others cannot.   However I feel that it is truly abused by people who just want attention. I believe that there are posers who really running it for the truly gay people. The posers ruin this for people because, they are the ones who give it a bad name. Truly gay people have a hard enough time coming out. People who claim to be gay, really don't seem to   have any trouble with admitting to it.
In Illinois, just recently, 25 couples in Chicago all attempted to sue the state because they were denied the federal benefits of marriage. Not all rights where banned from gay couples in Illinois. Some of the benefits that they do get are tax benefits and veteran benefits.
It is sad to say but Homosexuals are considered to be 2nd hand citizens in Illinois.   According to James Darby, an 81 year old Korean War veteran, said he wanted to be buried in Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Illinois, along with his partner of 50 years old and to him he feels that the state of Illinois is not giving him the rights he deserves for fighting for his country. I find this to be awfully unfair to that poor veteran. He fought for this country and in return the veteran doesn't not get to...

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