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Gateway to Technology Reflection Essay

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The Experience with the dragster was simple. With being able to go into the work shop and work hands on with building the dragster in real life. You start as a digitized dragster on the inventor software. Using multiple tools to build, assemble, shape and make your dragster parts. After assembling a 3D model of the dragster on inventor, you print it off and soon enough you build it in the workshop. In the workshop you get a plain piece of wood which is YOURS. Taking the wood you cut, trim and sand you dragster body making it perfectly the way you want it to look. Then you spray paint it. After words you continue building the rest of the parts, using plastic wheels and metal axles. After constructing it all together, you done with your finished product leading to the race between dragsters.
Sometimes I don’t usually need help, but I do struggle with 2 steps in the engineering design process: Design & Model and Brainstorming. I have trouble with Design and Model because I’m just not much of an artsy person. The project isn’t really about the look, it’s about whether it works or not, or whether it’s done properly. I do take time on it though because it still shouldn’t be boring so I spend time thinking about the look instead of just doing it. I also find myself spending some time on brainstorming. Only because there are so many things you can make in the world and you could literally come up with hundreds of stuff. So it takes time.
The first year in GTT for me (which was 6th Grade) took time to get caught on with how everything works. After a whole semester I was pretty much able to do all projects we did. This year I don’t really have much of a struggle to be honest it’s not that difficult. Already having learned most things last year that we used today, I have it all down and I don’t struggle that much in either the workshop or inventor. Only with my experience from last year.
Safety is not guaranteed. Although everyone, I feel did a great job no problem....

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