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Gases Essay

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Part 7. Gases
56. Which is a basic assumption of the kinetic–molecular
(A) Gas molecules have no motion.
(B) Gas molecules have curvilinear motion.
(C) Gas molecules are diatomic.
(D) Gas molecules are monatomic.
(E) Gas molecules have rapid straight line motion
between collisions.
57. A liter of carbon dioxide gas is compared to a liter of
hydrogen gas, both gases at 25 °C and 2 atm. Which
statement is correct?
(A) The CO2 and H2 molecules have the same average
(B) There are more molecules of H2 than CO2 present.
(C) The CO2 and H2 molecules hit the walls of the
containers with the same frequency.
(D) The CO2 molecules are on the average moving
slower than the H2 molecules.
(E) The average kinetic energy of the CO2 molecules is
greater than that of the H2 molecules.
58. A sample of neon occupies a volume of 27.3 L at STP.
What would be the neon volume at 177 °C and 0.100 atm
(A) 177 L
(C) 422 L

(B) 350 L
(D) 450 L

59. In a sample of a nearly ideal gas, this graph could
represent a plot of

(A) V vs. T at a given constant P.
(B) P vs. T at a given constant V.
(C) P vs. V at a given constant T.
(D) PV vs. P at a given constant T.
60. The density of a gas is 1.96 g L–1 at 1.00 atm and 0
°C. What is the density of this gas at 0.855 atm and 25.0
(A) 0.00276 g L–1
(C) 1.54 g L–1
(B) 0.651 g L–1
(D) 1.82 g L–1
61. If 1 L of a gas at 30 °C and 720 mmHg has a mass of
2.00 g, the mass of a mole of the gas is
(A) 22.4 g.
(B) 44.8 g.
(C) somewhere between 22.4 and 44.8 g.
(D) more than 44.8 g.
62. A gas sample occupies a volume of 16.4 L at 27 °C
and 0.300 atm. How many moles of gas are present?
(A) 0.200

(B) 0.450

(D) 10.0

63. The ideal gas law best describes the behavior of water
vapor at
(A) 373 K and 1 atm.
(B) 473 K and l atm.

(C) 473 K and 10 atm.
(D) 0 K and 1 atm.

64. A mixture of 11.0 g of CO2 and 8.00 g of O2 and an
undetermined amount of H2 occupies...

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