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Gangsta Essay

  • Submitted by: gangsta1226
  • on April 1, 2014
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Regarding: School lunches and Nutritional Education at CVHS
Waiting in a crowded lunch line just to know that you’re going to get food that you’ll most likely not enjoy isn’t a pleasant experience. Being pushed around and shoved to get an unappetizing school lunch is a problem itself. On the other hand, the problem with school lunches is the fact that the food itself is 99.7% of wondering. Students wonder what is in their lunch because there isn’t a packaging label. I’m currently attending Central Valley High School and I am aware that the school lunches will contribute an unhealthy diet. I believe that by having prior knowledge on nutrition students will create a healthier habit of choosing a healthier food instead of a greasier food. I also believe that we can take this step by creating a Home Economics class that will teach you the basics of nutrition or investing in a simple packing label or menu on what is for lunch.
      Students here at Central Valley High School have a variety of food options, but it’s a variety that isn’t appetizing or healthy. It’s a first come first serve basis with a brisk walk from class to the cafeteria. It will take an estimated time of 6 minutes to then receive a lunch that isn’t appetizing; it is a disgusted filth of grease. Such options of a disgusted filth of grease will be a pepperoni cheese pizza wrapped in a white paper with little or no choice of condiments. You will notice that the grease from the pizza will be stuck to the white paper. Walking into a swarming cafeteria and seeing students with their meals in their hand to sit themselves at a table. Considering students walking with their lunch meals you will not ask yourself if it is healthy or not. Your eyesight will catch the appetizing meal instead of a meal that doesn't seem scrumptious. Your stomach will growl for a lunch that seems more alluring to your savor but it is also an awful choice for your own well being.
By creating a food menu that a student...

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