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Galactic Space Suite Essay

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Well, 2012 might be end of our planet but, definitely not the end of human creativity. As the time surpasses Human minds are all ready to challenge the science. After its unimaginable achievements on mother earth, space is the next frontier to be transcended by inquisitive mankind that continues its quest for answers and alternatives to the evolution of its future.

Aero science has come up with the new concept called “Space tourism“. To onset with, Galactic suite has laid its initiative towards embarking upon an ambitious project first of its kind in the space arena. They aim to build the world’s first space resort, in orbit by 2012.

Imagine being in an astronaut training process as you relax on a tropical island, or think about being in a state of zero gravity as u gaze at our beautiful mother earth planet. No matter if you miss a sunset on a particular day; you got another 14 more to watch on the same day, each one after every 45 minutes. This science frontier is fully designed to embark you on a journey of what we call “Around the world in 80 days”, Oops!!! Sorry, Just 80 minutes.

A hypothetical Arial view of the galactic suite spacecraft

          But to enjoy the thrill you might have to spend a lot for the meanwhile. As per company a 3day stay would cost, US$ 3 million per customer. This would include eight week space training on an island in Caribbean. The island, (or in better words spaceport) will also host a new launch system build with safety and environment kept in mind.

Never mind folks, all things turn up expensive in the start .Maybe not now but we can surely enjoy the space ride in the coming years. And then who knows where our destiny takes us. So next time don’t think that five star and seven stars are the most prestigious on our planet because creativity is coming with something even more and much better. Just time waits!!!

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