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Fuduciary Case Study

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The following paper will discussion the difficult situation Jim Smith, the CEO of Fiduciary consulting, finds himself in. He must make a decision about what to do with the in-fighting and break down of Fiduciary’s Boston office. Analysis of the case will show that key mistakes were made that lead to the problems. These include: the wrong person being hired to manage the change in Boston; removal of the previous CEO from his position not being handled properly; Jim Smith not reacting soon enough to signs of the conflict; and Smith losing sight of his leadership role in guiding organizational change. From this analysis, recommendations for a course of action will be discussed and it will be shown that Smith has only one choice: let Baxter go and remove Carmen from his position through a severance package while retaining him in a consulting capacity.

Baxter was not the right fit for the leadership needs in Boston. The office, after three years of difficult progress in a new market, was in need of new leadership. Smith recognized this. He created a vision for what needed to be done and Mike Baxter was hired based upon this. However, there was no due diligence in determining whether he was the right person, whether he had the right leadership abilities. He was hired based upon initial impression only and no other parties were consulted. In time his inabilities quickly began to show themselves as the source of conflict in Boston. It became apparent that he did not share the same values as the rest of the team. Contingencies factors like values are, as Van Lee, Fabish & McGaw state, institutional standards of behaviour. The values of Fiduciary were hard work, long hours, commitment to deadlines and cooperation between members to achieve results. For any new comer, recognizing values would be of first importance to gaining the respect of employees. Baxter refused to do this. As a result, coupled with his abrasive and combative personality, the outcome was...

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