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Fuck You Essay

  • Submitted by: Dskiwi1
  • on August 21, 2015
  • Category: History
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A variety of psychological and social (psychosocial) strategies for treating drug and alcohol dependence have been developed, each offering a different level and type of support to persons recovering from drug or alcohol dependence. Treatments are often mixed and matched to fit the individual. The term "psychotherapy" encompasses a broad spectrum of interventions led by therapists, for the benefit of patients. A partial list of the things that psychotherapy may attempt to accomplish would include but not be limited to; providing a safe and trustworthy forum in which hurting people can discuss their present-day issues and problems, providing a safe and trustworthy forum in which hurting people can talk about how they came to be the way they are, promoting the sharing and releasing of shameful and emotionally toxic experiences in a way that promotes personal empowerment and feelings of self-worth and belonging, teaching specific coping skills for managing specific problems and symptoms, providing a place where people can make friends and give and get interpersonal support, providing a parental style figure who gives authoritative guidance to those people who are in need of external guidance, providing a model and personal experience of what trust-worthy relationships look like, so that such relationships can be pursued outside of therapy. Supportive psychotherapy aims to offer patients a safe and trustworthy forum in which they may discuss the troubling aspects of their lives. The therapist strives to listen to the patient, who is encouraged to share emotionally. When needed, the therapist may act as a strong guide, outlining things that the patient should do and not do. This type of therapy is not exploratory and doesn't delve into the past histories of patients. It is most helpful for interpersonally and emotionally fragile patients, or patients who become disorganized when confronted with stressful situations and memories. Coping-focused psychotherapy aims to...

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