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Fuck The Fre World Essay

  • Submitted by: sexybaby21
  • on March 22, 2012
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Mathew Huck
English 1
My Blankie!

Does your favorite thing have worth? Mine is priceless in my eyes. It may not have much price value, but it’s got more than enough sentimental value. My favorite material object would be my blankie. There are 3 particular special reasons why it’s my favorite thing, it smells good, its comfortable, and it’s extremely appealing.
Does smell mater to you? My secret ingredient is Febreeze. Fragrance is a huge factor for me. I have to tell you going to sleep with that sweet smell of roses flowing up into your nostrils makes a difference.   Honestly I don’t know if I could sleep without that smell. It’s like that smell that’s as elusive as the smell of sweet freshly cut lime. You’d have to be insane not to adore that smell.   You couldn’t persuade me to give up my everlasting rose smelling blanket, not in a million years.
My blanket is unimaginably comfortable. I could only compare it to one thing. It’s literally like lying on the softest puffiest cloud in the sky. I’ve had my blanket since I was 3 months old. It’s the only thing in my room I won’t let my mother replace. When I’m feeling depressed or just sad, it comforts me. If someone broke into my house one of the first things I would search for would be my blankie. My blanket is not something I would hand over without a fight. Something so comfy isn’t something I would even consider parting with.   My blanket is the haven of heavens in the comfortable category.
It appeals to me, because the scattered Dalmatians all over it remind me of my childhood. I use to watch 101 Dalmatians everyday twice a day until I turned 4. It’s perfect for me in every way imaginable. On one side of the blanket the dogs are lively playing. While on the other side the dogs are quietly sleeping. It may sound a bit far out there but I honestly think it’s the only thing that gets me to sleep at night. The blanket increases my ability to go to sleep at night. Through the cold, lonely, and...

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