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From Isolation to Global War Essay

  • Submitted by: caravelli77
  • on April 2, 2014
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Grant Caravelli
US History 1302.5
Bill West
From Isolation to Global War

  1. Describe the relationship between US and the League of Nations.
Wilson and Roosevelt brought two decades of isolation away from every other country. The voters expressed their desires to be independent of everyone else and Harding immediately followed through. He broke America off from the League of Nations. This lead to the Red Scare, higher tariffs, and new restrictive immigration laws. The US wanted to be separate, and paid the consequences. American business was expanding worldwide, and the rest of America was beginning to grow around the nation. After 1924, the US began to gradually join the rest of the world.

6. Describe the Japanese incursions into China.
The world just seemed to be dark and angry at each other with the exception of the US trying to improve its relations with the Western Hemisphere. The first conflicts happened in Asia when social and political conditions in China attracted foreign encroachments since before the beginning of the century. Japan was soon convinced that Manchuria was in danger after China and Russia began their clashes. Japan started to occupy Manchuria with the Mukden incident of 1931, when an explosion in the railways was blamed on the Chinese. In 1932 Japan converted Manchuria into a puppet empire of Manchukuo. The Japanese called the Manchuria incident their undeclared war against China that broke several pacts and agreements, but when China asked for help, no one did. In 1932, Japan bombed Shanghai and ended up leaving the League of Nations. After these bombings, the bombings and fighting subsided with a truce, but an uneasy peace hung over Asia.

12. Describe America’s growing involvement.
Britain was alone, but Winston Churchill wouldn’t give up. America now seemed vulnerable as Hitler unleashed on Britain. The US began working on making planes and weapons and sent them to the British. The crisis changed Roosevelt, he was now...

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