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Frankenstien Essay

  • Submitted by: jcl2026
  • on March 22, 2012
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Frankenstein Essay
Throughout the book Frankenstein, there is a continual question that reoccurs when analyzing the creature and Victor. This question is who was the real monster.   Some argue that Victor is more of a monster then the wretch, due to the fact that Victor created the monster.   Others argue that the creature was more of a monster then Victor because of everything that the monster does to Victor.   Ultimately when thoroughly examined, the wretch is more of a monster than Victor.   This can be seen because the creature was hideous, was evil and was cruel to Victor Frankenstein.
The creature is the real monster because of the hideous exterior that is described in this book.   On page 43, Victor describes his first encounter with the creature.   “ I saw the dull yellow eye.....His yellow skin scarcely covered the work of his muscle....His teeth of a pearly whiteness....these luxuries only formed a more horrid contras....shriveling complexion and straight black lips ”.   (Page 45 Line 8-20) With this description, it is seen that the creature indeed looks like a monster.   Even Victor, the creator, was disgusted and repulsed by the very appearance of the creature.   On pages 93-94, the creature describes how he is treated when he comes to a small village after he was created. “ I had hardly placed my foot within the door, before children shrieked....the women fainted....some attacked me ”.   (Pages 93 and 94 Lines 35-2) The only reason why the children would scream, why the women would faint and why the men would attack is because they all saw the creatures appearance.   They thought he was a monster and they were afraid for their lives. These line of texts support the statement that the wretch is indeed the monster.
To give further proof that the creature is a monster, we will discuss the importance of the creature choosing to be evil instead of being good.   At one point in Frankenstein, the creature shows good feelings that convinces the reader that he has...

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