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Forum Essay

  • Submitted by: Syazaameran1
  • on April 17, 2015
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1. Have you ever volunteered to do something to help your community? If so, describe your experience.
Volunteer means who does work willingly and without payment.
Hello everyone...
“I wanted to go because I have never done something like this before. It’s definitely a new experience for me. I wanted to experience the environment and to know how the people were suffering in Kelantan and to help out in any way I could. The experience was both eye opening and humbling. It was a new and good experience for me too for this was my first time aiding in a flood mission. While our job was to help the people in cleaning their houses, the stories and experiences that were told to me by the people were definitely humbling but it was good to see and especially to witness the effort and spirit displayed by those affected. I felt happy and relieved that I got to do a good deed for those who are in need of desperate help. It was an experience I wouldn’t hesitate to do again.”
The monsoon which hit the East Coast states of Kelantan in December and January caused the worst flooding to hit our country in decades. It was total devastation and destruction. Hundreds of homes were lost and thousands of people left with nothing, with Kelantan being the worst hit. 
Here I would like to share my experience helping the flood victims in my village.As the rain had fallen for a long time without stopping many lower areas had been covering with water.As the water in the nearby river that is Sungai Pasir Tumbuh   had been overflow, so many village nearby had caught in flood.
The village community including me help them to move to the nearest place that is the community hall. It was a very challenging task as the water keep on increasing from time to time.
We cooked the food and also took good care for the olders and the childrens.We also collected some clothes and donate the clothes to the flood victims. The flood victims stayed there for nearly 8 days and when the situation became better,...

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