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Forum 12 Essay

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Forum 12- Network Vulnerabilities: Script Kiddies

This forum focuses on the malicious acts of student hackers in states such as California, Florida, and Ohio. The incidents listed in the article represented a few of the headlines that have appeared across the globe. Hacking into a school’s computer system has become very expensive, but persistent. The students find an advantage of manipulating the systems, whether it is for a financial gain or for personal gain. This can also cause data breaches that can be useful to identity thieves. There was also a situation where three MIT students were going to expose a company’s, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, computer security system. The students were seeking to speak at a Las Vegas hackers’ convention, but were stopped due to the company’s fear of exposure of its security flaws. This brings the question of student hackers being more resourceful instead of malicious.

Article: Getting a grasp on student hackers

There were nearly a dozen school administrators that met at the National Education Computing Conference to seek the latest classroom technologies. A few of the IT chiefs were suggesting that there be students recruited to help expose network vulnerabilities and new threats to campus computer systems. Mr. Lloyd Brown met with officials from 8e6 Technologies to report solutions for school systems nationwide, and also found a fix. This fix consisted of cutting down on incidents of student hacking. Brown wanted to recruit students that were smart enough to find ways around the school system’s comprehensiveness. Brown reported that the eight students that were hired loved the status of trying to figures out where the holes are, and it helps the process. There was also another gentleman by the name Jim Culbert that began seeking information about student hackers. His situation involved the actions of an eighth grader determined to find his way through a network’s security. Although the boy was...

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