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Food Preparation Essay

  • Submitted by: kikimara
  • on April 15, 2015
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In tourism and hospitality there are different types trends in tourism and travel where I would be speaking about four of these trends. Tourism is tthe temporary movement of to destinations outside their normal places of work and resident where as travel means to to go on a trip or journey.
Fristly, More bilateral treatries are been signed which will make it easier to obtain tourist to visit our country's. This means that two state parties or organisations are connected to improve more tourist to have the night to visit these countries because of the agreement that was made. For exaample - St. Kitts is the region for a tremendous tourism investment while Antigua needs tourism investment so they connected together so that they could analyze tourist to travel to both country's more often.
Secondly, the cruise industry will continue to expand. This is basically means that they would improve on   new bulding and ship divrsification, more local ports, more destinations availble and new onboard/onshore activities that watch demands of the tourists.
Thirdly, technology will continue to advance allowing even more information to be available more quickly to more places around the world. Improvement in technology would be much better for tourism and travel because the moment you have   to talk about one the thing the faster it will reach to millions of people in a shorter and cheaper time. For example, Paul post a document about tourism on the net, the minute he press   send, the minute it reach persons and read it. the more technology advancies the quicker to it for businesses to forward information to more than one person.
Finally, another trend in tourism and travel is travel and tourism bookings via the internet will continue to increase rapidly. This means that more tourist are connected to the internet because they are looking for the best deals in airline tickets when travelling. When tourists are booking flights online they would compare all the airline offers...

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