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Food Inc. Summary

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  • on April 1, 2014
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Henry Gonzalez
Professor Moore
ENC 1102
16 February 2014
Food INC. Summary
Food INC. goes behind the farmhouses and shows us how the livestocks are being treated and fed. It also talks about how some of the big meat packaging companies manipulate the farmers, by making them ask the banks for loans to make their farmhouses bigger, so they can produce more for them and if the farmers don’t agree with what they want than their contracts are terminated and they are left with a debt to the bank. Many of these companies like Tyson and Smithfield ask the farmers to feed the cows and pigs corn, because it help accelerate the process killing these animals. Feeding them corn, makes them get fatter and juicer, but not in a healthy way, many of these animals carry E. coli, because of the farmers feeding them corn. There are so many of them in just one farm, that they are stepping in there on feces and not being taking care of properly.
The documentary showed a case of a mom,Who unfortunately lost her son, who was killed by a cheeseburger that contained E. Coli in it. He died within seven day of consuming this food. She talked about how she asked for an investigation and how she found out that it took at least 16 days after her son had died, for the meat company to recalled their orders that had contained E. Coli. Many of these big national food companies are getting away with this, because they are controlling the FDA and USDA   however they want. The FDA and USDA are not inspecting the meat factories and farmhouses as good as they should be inspected, and when they do and try to shut them down the companies answer back by suing the FDA saying that they no rights on telling them that they have shut done their factories.
In another section of the documentary it showed another farmer showing the right procedures of farming and how he was feeding his pigs and cows grass instead of corn and just being patient and caring about his animals to be ready to kill the right way...

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