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Flosbury High Jump Essay

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  • on March 22, 2012
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Robert Weimer
Dr. Burke

Fosbury Flop

The high jump hasn’t always had the flop we have today but the flop became the dominant style of the event and is still today what is used. Before Fosbury, most Olympic style jumpers used the Straddle technique, Western Roll, Eastern cut-off or even Scissors-Jump to clear the bar. The flop has more advantages than any other style, if performed right with these instructions.

First you need measuring tape that atleast goes to 70 feet so, you can measure 10 feet to the right of the high-jump bar.   Start measuring from inside the right high-jump bar going out to the right so you can’t see the left bar.   Mark that with tape and then measure your mark about 50 or so feet l ong at a right angle to the 10 foot line; this will be your run way.   Mark that with tape and your name so you don’t forget your spot. You start with your left foot on the tape if you’re a righty. Focus on the tape on the high-jump bar which is your focal point(where you take off) Then Your approach is 10 steps.   The approach is like a “j” because your turn to the bar should be gradual.   You should start your turn on the 6th step angling toward the bar at 30 to 40 degrees.   Your first step should have purpose, meaning come out with power. Your shoulders should be back to raise your center of gravity (Abdomens). You run with your arms pumping they should stay close to your side and pump up toward the sky. Your speed to the bar should gradually increase.Your last four steps should be fast.   They should make a certain sound where the last two steps are close together.   You don’t want to stop and jump,   ou need to keep your speed.   Your last two steps are used to jump.   They should be close together so that your center of gravity is as high as possible. Your jump should start close to the right side of the bar.   This will allow your body to be mainly over the center of the bar throughout most of the jump.   The center of the bar is the...

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