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Florida Essay 2

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  • on April 1, 2014
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During the 19th Century, politics in Florida played a huge role in its development. Many southern agricultural practices were mimicked in this newly introduced peninsula. After Spanish control, Florida evolved into a typical southern territory with slaves and agriculture (cotton) being present. Slaves and agriculture represented a source of wealth. The Union won the Civil War in 1865 due to series of battles taking place. This led to Florida entering statehood in 1842.

During the 1820’s, the growth of slavery in Florida tripled in size. They worked on plantations growing agricultural goods such as cotton which was a commodity. Tallahassee attracted many planters who owned slaves during this time. The Planters made political and economic relationships to demonstrate their elite power. In the 19th Century, Anna Kingsley, a West African Slave was turned into a slave holder and plantation owner after her husband Zephaniah Kingsley purchases her and becomes a freed slave shortly afterwards. He purchased her from Cuba and had children together. People who had political connections outside Florida with the respect of land speculators and cotton planters where known as a Nucleus. The Nucleus included the Whigs and the Locofocos (Radical Democrats). They both pursued government policies with internal improvements with roads and canals, and the liberal banking charters. The Nucleus desired banks due to land expansion. Crackers helped shape the Florida frontier. They arrived in Florida from Southern Georgia in the hope to buy cheap land. The Crackers were known to be rough, rude and lacked social manners. David Levy Yulee, the first senator of Florida, opposed the Nucleus and didn’t want Florida to enter statehood. Many of the political debates escalated into violence.

In 1842, Florida was introduced as a Confederate state. It would be governed separately from the United States union. During the 1860 Election, Abraham Lincoln, a Republican candidate ran against John...

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