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Fish Hooks Essay

  • Submitted by: rootbeer1
  • on April 3, 2014
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All children should enjoy their lives. While they are young, they should have the opportunity to participate in the activities that they enjoy most. Some children may enjoy playing sports. Others may like to read. However, it appears that the majority of children prefer watching television. Some television programs are more favorable to children than others. During my childhood, I would always watch the show The Mickey Mouse Club House. I enjoyed the show because it made me feel smart. Despite being educational, the program was also entertaining with its dances and songs, such as the “Hot Dog” dance, in which all of the characters did a floppy, active dance while continually singing, “Hot-Dog, Hot-Dog, Hot-Dog, Hot-Diggety-Dog.” A relatively new children’s program entitled Fish Hooks is about fish attending an aquarium high school. One particular episode, “The Dark Side of the Fish,” is about a fish named Oscar who turns to the goth fish because he feels that they will understand him better than his previous friends.   Oscar’s old friends miss him and attempt to prove to him that he belongs with them and not on the dark side. This specific episode of Fish Hooks is not an example of a good children’s program because no child is interested in any of the topics discussed in the program. I know that a younger version of myself would probably be scared and bored of the show.
When children watch a television show, they should be able to take something out of it that they can apply to their own life. The lessons or morals that children notice on TV shows have a large effect on their actions. If they see their favorite character doing a bad action, they are bound to do the same action. The opposite is also true; if their favorite character does a good action, the child will learn by example. If a child watches a program that teaches the reader that “sharing is caring,” then the child will probably be inspired to share more with their siblings, classmates, and parents....

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