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First Essay

  • Submitted by: Graniaa
  • on April 3, 2014
  • Category: English
  • Length: 277 words

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In today’s hectic world, cybercrime spreads like virus. Cybercrime is defined as criminal activities that carried out through computer or internet. There are three types of cybercrime. First category cybercrime is against the person. For an example, hacking, bulling and harassment. Hacking is an illegal act of gaining or downloads personal information and passwords of a third person without their known from computer or internet for their own use. Recently at Noida , India a 24 years old guy who working at an automobile company arrested for hacking a women’s Facebook accounts and uploading their nude picture.   The police officer believe that the accused blackmail girls after posted their pictures on Facebook.
Moreover, bulling and harassment mean as bullies or harassers talk anything bad of a person. Social webpage such as Facebook, Twitter and You tube has been used by people to bulling and embarrassing one another.   The second category of cybercrime is against the property which is like electronic funds transfer. Hackers can easily steal the credit card number and miss used it without the owner’s ignorance if the online transaction is not secured.   The third category of cybercrime is against government. One of the examples is cyber terrorism. Cyber terrorism is known as an attack which use computer or internet which results in violence. It is also known as electric terrorism or e-terrorism. Web jacking is one of them.   Cybercrime is anywhere and can happen anytime. As a solution for cybercrime problem, authorized person and responsible organization should create a good programme or software to protect all important and sensitive data to ensure a safe and secure computing and internet system in the future.

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