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Finance and Economics Essay

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Below is an essay on "Finance and Economics" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Credit transactions
SU 6

 Purchases
 Sales  General


Purchases: Overview
 Purchases

journal  Purchases returns journal  Creditors ledger  Settlement discount  Creditors reconciliation  Disclosure

Purchase journal

Purchases journal

AKA Creditors journal Owe money to the creditor iro inventory purchases

Credit balance – Liability

Goods purchased on credit
Source document: Original credit invoice  Purchase journal (PJ)

   

Doc #, Date, Details, Folio VAT input Purchases (exclude VAT) Creditors (include VAT)


 


Full amount payable  VAT inclusive 114 ‘Own’ cost (after deducting input tax) 100 14

 



Purchases = Creditors x VAT input = Creditors x

100 114

14 114

Entity name Purchases Journal - Month Year Doc No. Day Details PJ# Fol VAT input Purchases Creditors

Closing-off procedure

End of each month Procedure

Calculate column totals & balance

Purchases + VAT input should = Creditors

Transfer individual entries to corresponding creditors account in creditor ledger  Post column totals to GL

Remember: Double entry!!!

Enter folio numbers from GL and creditor ledger in PJ [Example: Page 191]

Purchases returns journal

Purchases return journal

Return (trade) goods purchased on credit
 

Purchaser issues debit note Seller issues credit note

 

Source document
  

Decrease amount owed

Purchase return journal (PRJ)

Credit note issued by seller

Close-off procedures

Doc No., Day, Details, Folio VAT input, Purchases return, Creditors Same as PJ

[Example: Page 193]

Entity name Purchases Returns Journal - Month Year Doc No. Day Details Purchases Fol VAT input returns Creditors PRJ#

Ledgers etc.

Creditors ledger
 Record

of transactions with individual...

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